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"It is truly an honor to be a part of your program; Hera and I could not be more fulfilled with our project that started right there on campus during the Adventure Filmmakers Workshop. Such a great community to be involved with, and I hope to return this upcoming year either as a filmmaker, a volunteer, or just an open mind waiting to be inspired."–Scott Hardesty, 2016 Adventure Filmmakers Workshop participant and 2017 Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival film finalist

Day 1 – Saturday Oct 27 ● Welcome, orientation● Intros, group allocations, group and individual feedback● Film viewings and discussion: the good, the bad, and the ugly …

Day 2 – Sunday Oct 28 ● Anatomy of success: What makes a successful film● Production development and planning before the camera rolls● Budgeting and funding options; distribution● Equipment and production scheduling

Day 3 – Monday Oct 29 ● The art of storytelling and narration● Storytelling resources● Making the perfect pitch● Technology, sound on location, and appreciating the mix● Evening: participants attend Radical Reels film screenings

Day 4 – Tuesday Oct 30 ● Pitching Workshop● Interviewing and edit workflow● Secrets for staying organized for small and large projects● Invisible camera

Day 5 – Wednesday Oct 31 ● Legal - releases, talent, music, post production● Social Media● Evening: participants attend The Snow Show film screenings

Day 6 – Thursday Nov 3 ● Shoot day. Get out there and get your film in the 'can'.

Days 7 – Friday Nov 4 ● Editing and Post-production Day. Turn your 'rushes' into a finished film.● Evening: participants attend Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival Gala and an evening presentation

Days 8 9 – Saturday Sunday Nov 5 6 ● Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival: An opportunity to view, examine, and analyze a broad range of adventure films, attend sessions, workshops, and network with filmmakers, film festival directors and industry attendees, and to attend the Festival Wrap Party on Sunday evening

Day 10 – Monday Nov 7 ● Full day of recap, review short films, and presentations from guest lecturers (to be announced)● Celebrate with closing reception ... and collapse in a heap!

Day 11 – Tuesday Nov 8: Departure Day

This schedule is subject to change and additions will be guided by the needs of participants.

© Nasa Koski

© Nasa Koski

© Tom Comet

© Jess Whitman

Photo: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Photo: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Photo: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Photo: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

© Nasa Koski

Peru Sphynx 16-48a credit Brian Hall.jpg

Keith Partridge

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Michael Brown

Single or Shared Room Read More Close

When applying, choose between staying in a single or a shared bedroom on Banff Centre's campus for the duration of your program.

Get connected with other artists on campus and focus on your projects in a creative environment while we take care of the day-to-day essentials.

Light Flex Meal Plan Read More Close

Using a credit-based system to dine on campus, our flexible meal plans allow you to select meals according to your own needs during your stay.

The Light Flex Meal Plan is a credit-based system allowing participants to use pre-paid funds at any of the on-campus dining options at the Banff Centre. It is the equivalent of breakfast and lunch daily at Vistas Dining Room. Participants will also receive a handful of invitations to social events during the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival where light dinners are served. You are able to top up your meal plan and receive more credit for meals at any time.

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival Read More Close

Participants have access to select ticketed events at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, including the Festival Gala and Wrap Party. Celebrating the world’s best mountain, environmental, and adventure stories, the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival offers inspiration and a chance to network with other filmmakers, directors, producers, andfestival guests.

Plus, enjoy special artist rates for other ticketed performances or complimentary access to events happening on campus during the program.

Gym Membership Read More Close

Your program fee includes free access to the swimming pool, climbing gym, and fitness suite as well as discounted rates for classes at the glicine Intrecciato nappa large document case Pink amp; Purple Bottega Veneta Buy Cheap Websites yvVfxGc

Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives Read More Close

Access a wide range of publications, books, music and films in the Paul D. Fleck Library and Archives , open six days a week.

Participant Resources Read More Close

Enrich your experience and get to know other artists on campus by taking advantage of the activities and support provided by our Participant Resources team .

Single Accommodation (subject to availability)
$2 100.00
Shared Accommodation (subject to availability)
$1 800.00

Application fee: $65 for each individual

Fees include all workshop sessions plus tickets to select Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival events and an invitation to the Festival Gala and Wrap Party. All fees must be paid in full before the first day of the program.

A discount of $300 per person applies to Adventure FilmmakersWorkshop participants who have also entered an eligible film into the 2018Banff Mountain Film Competition.Contact for more information.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, scholarships are available for this program. If you would like to be considered, please complete the Financial Aid section in SlideRoom when uploading your supporting materials. No discount is available if participants are unable to stay for the full course.

Help fund your experience at Banff Centre. View a compiled list of national and international opportunities .

Financial Aid up to 50% is available (based on shared accommodations).

Event Details

Join Stomp Sessions for 5 days of SummerSkateboard Camp from 9am-1pm at MLK Skatepark in Oceanside, CA. Stomp Summer Skate Camp uses a progression-based skill roadmap to help beginners learn

Join Stomp Sessions for 5 days of SummerSkateboard Camp from 9am-1pm at MLK Skatepark in Oceanside, CA. Stomp Summer Skate Camp uses a progression-based skill roadmap to help beginners learn the foundations of skateboarding, intermediate skaters progress their ollies, flips tricks and rails and advanced skaters take their skills to new levels with airs, ledges, and flip trick combos. Book before June 1st and get early bird discount. After June 1 prices go up. The daily agenda for the camp is as follows:


(Monday) 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


MLK Skatepark

4300 Mesa Dr, Oceanside, CA 92057

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Calendar GoogleCal

Trivia Nights at Pour House

16 jul 7:00 pm Trivia Nights at Pour House 7:00 pm Pour House , 1903 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054-6432

Event Details

Trivia Night is every Monday at Pour House! Stop by for a great night of fun games and good beer.

Trivia Night is every Monday at Pour House! Stop by for a great night of fun games and good beer.


(Monday) 7:00 pm


Pour House

1903 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054-6432

Calendar GoogleCal

Trivia Mondays at Hello Betty Fish House

16 jul 7:00 pm 9:00 pm Trivia Mondays at Hello Betty Fish House 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Hello Betty Fish House , 211 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92054

Event Details

Come to Hello Betty Fish House to test your knowledge with friends and maybe even win some prizes during free pub trivia every Monday night on the rooftop deck.

Come to Hello Betty Fish House to test your knowledge with friends and maybe even win some prizes during free pub trivia every Monday night on the rooftop deck.


(Monday) 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Hello Betty Fish House

211 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92054

Calendar GoogleCal

Rockstar Karaoke at the Fire Water Saloon

16 jul 8:00 pm Rockstar Karaoke at the Fire Water Saloon 8:00 pm Firewater Saloon , 406 Pier View Way

Click here to support Collaborate .

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Simon Sinek , motivational speaker and leadership instructor has a saying: “start with why.”

All great leaders and organizations – the ones people embrace and follow – have a compelling “why” or reason they do what they do.

In my opinion, this concept ought to extend beyond leadership to anything you and I do.

So before we get into the nuts-and-bolts of crowfunding, I want to show you why crowdfunding matters – financially, creatively, and otherwise – so we can better understand the how later on.

#1. Crowdfunding Lets You Activate Your Audience and Catalyze a Movement

Crowdfunding isn’t simply a pre-order process – it’s an opportunity to get your biggest fans and supporters rallied around a singular goal.

The power of crowdfunding is this: it gives creators a reason to ask for support, contributions, and sharing, because we’re not simply looking for sales (conventional presale), we’re asking for help to turn an idea into reality.

For those who leverage crowdfunding the right way, it’s a meaningful experience that lets your audience, readers, and supporters be an integral part of your project.

When AJ Leon turned down a traditional publisher for his first book, some people thought he was crazy. A traditional publisher is the holy grail for authors, right?

Instead, AJ decided to activate his audience through a crowdfunding campaign and inspired them to be a part of the book he (and his happy readers) originally wanted to create.

Within a few hours of the campaign going live, AJ fully funded his book. Within 3 days, AJ had Buy Online Outlet Embellished Buckle Matelassé Crossbody Bag Only One Size / Black Miu Miu Best Cheap Price Lowest Price For Sale f3gnEfYZ

Could AJ have been successful if he simply offered his book as a pre-order? No doubt. But by leveraging crowdfunding, AJ gave his loyal readers (me included) a great opportunity to share and spread the word. If AJ didn’t hit his minimum funding goal, the book wouldn’t exist. What an excellent opportunity to help a creator who chose himself (instead of waiting for a gatekeeper to choose him).

Ryan Hanley, the founder of, has spent the last several years building an audience of people around the subject of spreading powerful, relevant messages that change lives.He’s done this by consistently producing and delivering actionable content on a weekly basis.

And he’s done it absolutely for free for years.

So when Ryan told me he was interested in writing a book, I directed him to – a crowdfunding platform for authors.

Because Ryan had an audience and had built a reputation for himself with the work he was doing…

But he hadn’t written the book just yet.

What if he spent years writing the book only to find out his audience wasn’t ready to pay? After all, when you deliver so much high value content for free, there’s a chance that people won’t pay for your work when you put a price on it (or so some marketers gurus would say).

There is one character found in a number of widely separated genera of this subfamily. Streptocarpus, Boea, Paraboea , and several others have long fruits which are spirally twisted. This may be an innovation to facilitate seed dispersal. When the fruit is ripe, it splits open and untwists, releasing the seeds gradually. Since Streptocarpus is not closely related to the others which have this trait and widely separated from them geographically, this trait must have evolved separately in the two groups.

The late Hans Wiehler split off the tribe Coronanthereae from the Gesnerioideae into a separate subfamily, the Coronantheroideae . Since tribal members Sarmienta and Mitraria share a special pigment ( trunk cross body bag Green Marni Cheap Sale Fast Delivery For Sale Cheap Price Clearance Wide Range Of Ebay Cheap Low Cost ajTu4JeBA
with the Gesnerioideae , the chemical evidence suggests that the Coronantheroideae might perhaps be an Top Handle Handbag Black Leather 2017 one size NICOPANDA How Much Online 8xW8AbZM

Coronantheroids are native to the Pacific coast of Chile ( Sarmienta , Mitraria , Asteranthera ) and islands of the South Pacific ( Fieldia , Negria , Rhabdothamnus ).

In Mayer et al. (2003) , it was proposed that the tribe Klugieae , comprising some species of unusual gesneriads, be removed from the Didymocarpoideae to its own subfamily. The largest genus in the tribe is Monophyllaea , with perhaps 30 species.

The implication of the split (and the gist of the molecular data) is that the Epithemateae branched off from the old-world gesneriaceae before any further radiation of the latter into Primulina , Streptocarpus , Aeschynanthus , Cyrtandra , and so on. Furthermore, the surviving members of the subfamily have evolved a long way since the split. Thus this tribe is the relic of what was probably a much more wide-spread and numerous group.

Most recent classifications have kept the Epithemateae in the subfamily Didymocarpeae as a Monogramme Kate Small Leather Shoulder Bag Black Saint Laurent Cheap Huge Surprise Outlet With Paypal MDuHBT
group to the rest of the subfamily.

Most species of the Epithemateae are found in southeast Asia. One relic, Epithema tenue , is found in western Africa. This tribe also includes one species, Rhynchoglossum azureum , found in Central America. How it got there nobody knows, since it does not have a fruit designed for long-range dispersal. Perhaps not coincidentally, Rhynchoglossum is sister to the rest of the Epithemateae . Rhynchoglossum contains about 10 species, one of them ( R. notonianum from southern India) close to R. azureum , suggesting that the latter is a relatively recent immigrant to the neotropics.

Takara Bio USA, Inc. (TBUSA, formerly known as Clontech Laboratories, Inc.) provides kits, reagents, instruments, and services that help researchers explore questions about gene discovery, regulation, and function. As a member of the Takara Bio Group, TBUSA is part of a company that holds a leadership position in the global market and is committed to improving the human condition through biotechnology. Our mission is to develop high-quality innovative tools and services to accelerate discovery.


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